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We messed up and a window was left locked open, it jiggled loose enough to cause the shade to get blown around and ripped it to shreds on the side.
Does anyone know where I can get a new shade? I called the RV place in town that deals with them and they told me to find the manufacturer of the shade and order it from them. Not seeing a manufacturer listed on the shade. Help?


I don't have an answer but looking to replace our accordion type screens (which lets bugs and mosquitos in). Following to see if you get an answer.

Gary Roe:
I can say that the Valterra RV Door Glass with Black Frame is a terrific product. It is durable, lightweight, and installs perfectly. In addition, the glass is tinted so you can enjoy your well-deserved privacy. If your Rv needs an instant window replacement, you can include this one on your shopping list.

The thing that I liked the most about this RecPro shade is its lovely and relaxing cappuccino brown color. The color of the blinds brings the entire look of the interior of my trailer together. It is neutral yet very provocative.


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