2012 Livin Lite 5ZN 16DBS-New Owner from Kennesaw, GA

Started by regnaDkciN, July 02, 2020, 01:48:46 PM

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Bought it 2 weeks ago, 06/19/20. Hooked up at home and replacing everything plastic that I've touched so far (UV brittleness). It's hooked up to water, electric and sewer on pad next to house. Water tank drain valve (female part that's friction welded to tank) has brittled apart (this looks inexpensive, yet tricky to fix).
Gathering up owners manuals to learn how to operate water heater and furnace.
Replaced bathroom vent fan.  Front door has holes. Air conditioner works. Refrigerator works (haven't tested gas or 12 volt). Microwave works. Stovetop works. Replaced 7 pin cable, junction box and breakaway switch on hitch. Added break module to tow vehicle (2014 Outback with 4000lb hitch 600 tongue, tongue weight of trailer is 278lbs). Toilet flushes. Water pump works.
Very clean (like Paul's grandfather in "A Hard Days Night".
Spouse is sewing duvets for beds.
Once i figure out how to operate the water heater, I'll be ready to take her out. (not sure if i need to fix the drain plug on the water tank first?)
Also need to grease wheels, axles, and check brakes.