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QS10 need new tonneau cover


As mentioned in another thread I asked about a replacement tonneau cover and haven't heard from anyone. 

The information you may need is in a message written on Feb. 10 by Dan Miller. Just search for "tonneau" and it will be listed.


I will try to copy:

Parts for any Livinlite product may be ordered through any Livin' Lite dealer.  Because of dealer agreements we cannot sell direct.  If you do not have a dealer close by, they can ask that the parts be shipped directly to you.
Note tonneau covers and tents are shipped with snaps but not attached.  This is normal practice with any tent or cover.  They are not difficult to install but you will need a snap tool.
The older tonneau covers were gray.  The replacement are black.  The part number for your 6.0 cover is: 204133 and comes with black straps and snaps.

For future QuickSilver Owner's looking for tonneau covers:
QS6.0 - PN: 204133
QS8.0 - PN: 204125
QS8.1 - PN:204127
QS10 & 14XLP - PN 204121


I have a few broken snaps on my cover, i was looking at picking up a snap tool and whatnot, but i was unsure as to the right snaps to order online.  I don't really know much about snaps.  The closest to original would be great.


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