Looking to purchase a 2017 camplite 14DB

Started by jagwire64, June 09, 2020, 12:25:23 PM

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Have a quicksilver 8.1. Looking to buy a 2017 camplite 14db.  Looking for advice from current owners.  I know the product has changed some since Tuttle left.  Under the current belief that the campers are sound and better than wood and staple counterparts.

Are the later 2017-18 Camplite trailers with the composite floor, walls, and roof still good?  Still worth the cost over a traditional camper?



We have a 2018 CL RBS21 Platinum which we bought new 2 years ago.  We have gone on 6 or 7 trips now racking up 15K+ miles on it.  The only problems we have had were caused by us such as not opening the water heater fill valve before turning on the electric heater element.  WE have glamped with full hookup and dry camped with water aboard and a generator.  The CL 21 had everything we could need except maybe more room.  It tows very well.  The aluminum frame and composite walls and structure has indeed not rusted or mildewed. I have read comments from the owners of the all aluminum units.  They love them and usually for the no rust no rot feature.  You get that with the aluminum and composite models as well.  Our platinum has blue tooth, back up camera ready mount, is cable ready and solar panel ready.  It has heated under belly though it is not a 4 seasons camper.  It has all we could want for both dry camping and for glamping.  In short we love it.


Look up information about the 2017 Camplite 14DB model. Check for reviews, specifications, features, and any potential issues or recalls associated with that specific model year.
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I owned a 2018 Livin Lite Camplite 16BHB for a little over a year. I was impressed right off with the build quality and how light it is! It is made of aluminum and azdel, making it virtually impervious to rot. This floor plan is well thought out. Although it is designed for 4 adults, we slept 5 in it. Granted we are small people :) If you are only utilizing two sleeping areas you have a lot of flexibility. I highly recommend this travel trailer.

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Camplite 14DB 2017 was born a long time ago, but with its technical specifications and outstanding features, it still deserves to be the product of choice. Buying it is also quite difficult due to the scarcity of goods geometry dash bloodbath


A type of caravan or mobile house, the Camplite 14dB 2017 is frequently used for travel or camping. It offers a small but cozy living area with a bed, kitchen, bathroom, and many conveniences. I've read the owners of the aluminum units' comments. They adore them, mainly because they don't corrode or decay. The composite and aluminum variants also come with that.


It is difficult to say definitively without specific information on the condition of a particular Camplite trailer. However, generally speaking, trailers with composite construction can be durable and have several benefits such as being resistant to rot, mold, and pests. It is important to have the trailer inspected by a professional if considering purchasing one to ensure it is in good condition and has been properly maintained.

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