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Koa at Cape Hatteras


What a great campground!  Well worth the 4 hour drive. Of course,  it has a hot tub too!

Nice camper.. that would be a great place to camp.  How do you like your camper so far? have you boondocked?(w/o electric hookups?) 
we are new and waiting the winter to end to get out there.
From PA.
Rob and Judi

Thanks so much! We are very impressed with it and have had no real problems. After looking at the "competition " at an rv show a few weeks ago, we like it even more. Some of the manufacturers look like they use old pallets to make the bed and cabinet framework.

We have not camped without hookups but undoubtedly will at some point. We did so several times in our old camper which was an Aliner which had similar amenities.

We just booked Cape Hatteras again for April 1st weekend as we didn't get chance to finish seeing everything.

Happy camping!


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