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CL 16 TBS vs CL 21 BHS

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We are considering getting back into camping after a 30 year hiatus - this time in a trailer rather than a tent.   We have been shopping around and are rather taken with the CampLites - they seem so much better built than other trailers we have looked at.  The weight of the CampLites would also work with our current pick up truck, a Chevy Colorado Z71. 

I was hoping those of you with lots of experience might be able to  comment on the pros and cons of a 16' vs. a 21' model.   The 16' seems like a manageable size for beginner trailer campers.... I am inexperienced and intimidated at the thought of  pulling the 21' unit.  We also would like to camp in smaller, more out of the way places, not always among big RV units. 

However, my husband also feels like having two axles like on the 21' is an important safety feature.  There is obviously more room in the 21' and a sink in the bathroom which seems like a nice addition. 

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions forum members might have on choosing a trailer.    Thanks!   -Barb

My wife and I are New to trailer camping as well.  we just purchased a 16DBS in November and haven't had a chance to camp yet because of winter.  Our 16BS does have a double Axel.   It has a roomy enough bathroom with shower as well. it has a slide out for our living space, couch area.  we chose a DBS to have a full size queen bed to sleep in rather than separate bunks.  We pull it with a Toyota FJ Cruiser, having made only one road trip, the ride home from the dealer around 150 miles and had no issues.    WE believe like you that a bit smaller will make it more manageable and handle better in smaller campsites where we may back in rather than having to pull through.   It has all you would want inside for living.  We do plan on many weekends and a few week trips.  The all aluminum framing and Azdel interior make it a plus. 

We will gain experience as we go but did alot of research prior to choosing Camplite, believing the brand will be a "long lasting" camper not one that will rot away etc.
We are in Pennsylvania.
Hope this helps from our perspective.
Rob and Judi.

We love our 14 DBS. Plenty of room for two people and a dog.
Being able to pull into a convenience store for gas when travelling off the interstate is a huge bonus.

We have a 2016 16 TBS. Great camper. We like the King Size bed that is two twins to allow you to get out of bed with out climbing over anyone. It is the right size for a couple camping and the slide out really gives you some room. We are in our soon to be 60 age bracket so this camper is meant to drive around the county once we retire. If you want the Grandchildren to stay with you this camper is too small. I didn't sleep in a hard side camper as a kid so it is canvas for the kids and grandkids (someday). The factory mattress are too thin. We replaced with custom foam and sleep well now. Towing the CL is not an issue because they are not too wide. So if you want to have the kids or grand kids to stay with you get the 21 or if your plan is couple camping go for the 16. Good luck.

As for the sink in the bath I added this today: 


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