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Started by Silverfox, January 04, 2017, 03:13:45 PM

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Thanks for the response David.,

It's a 2000 Cherokee. Not plug and play. I added the tow package myself last fall to prep for this. Hitch, wiring harness, tranny cooler, upgraded rear leafs, etc. etc. I have a wire for the brakes that runs back to the hitch, but I still have to run power, ground, and brake pedal wire. Still won't take me more than an hour or so.

When I smashed the cable, I was parking the trailer, and it was hooked up and fully powered when it happened. My Jeep has a tail light and a front marker light out, so I'm sure a fuse went kaput somewhere. I don't know if any lights are out on the trailer, cause I yanked it when I saw the damage. My replacement cable comes Tuesday (along with my brake controller -got a Tekonsha P2- I like the bigger display), I'll hook it up and test everything when I get it all installed. Hoping for no problems in the TT, or at worst a fuse or two. Fingers crossed.

Thanks again!

John and Janet Phipps
2016 13QBB "Phipps' Pholly"
2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ


Thinking of selling our 2016 13 BHB.  Took 5 trips in it last year.

We are thinking of getting a Hymler AKTIV instead.

Best place to sell our Livin Lite 13?


I'm not sure of the best place to sell it, but I do know that I inquired from a couple of dealers last year about trading my 2016 13QBB in for a larger unit and was offered about $15,000. I found the offers insulting! Ironically when one of the dealers was pitching me on a newer larger unit, he was quick to tell me how well they hold their value  :-\
We're lost...but we're making good time


Yes, we are thinking about a Hymer RV and the salesperson offered me 10-13k...just wow...


Didn't know what a Hymer was till I looked on their website. Now I want one too! How much?
We're lost...but we're making good time


We didn't want to install a brake box in our SUV so we purchased this wireless brake controller and have been extremely happy with it.  We mounted the box on the tongue/frame with zinc screws and just plug in the wireless box into the auxiliary outlet in the car when we tow it (and throw it in the glovebox when we don't use it.)



So we're thinking of selling our 2016 13QBB and moving up to a 2018 16DBS. Wife wants more room. I'm happy with what I have, easy to tow and stow, but, happy wife, happy life. Looks like they've made some changes this year, like drawers in the kitchen. She's excited about that. Actually looked at a 20' Airstream Sport which is the same size as the Camp Lite 16. We were shocked SHOCKED! at the outrageous prices they're asking and getting. And, they don't even have as many options as our Livin Lite. Did you know that you can't even get a power awning on an Airstream..$65,000. and no power awning!
We're lost...but we're making good time


We're looking at a 2012 BHB13. We have a few questions & would appreciate any help or advice. Where do you find replacement windows? Also, hubs wants to change out to an off-road tire because we haul to the deer lease down some rough dirt roads. Anyone with experience in this?
If anyone has pics of the upgrades you've done inside, I'd love to see them!  Thanks. Hope to join the Camplite ranks soon!!!


rab0325: The windows are made by a division of Dometic. A call to Dometic should point you in the right direction. We have 2012 13QBB which we love. As originally purchased it came with the jackknife sofa. We soon learned that you can not open the bathroom door very far when the sofa is deployed. Given that at any one time we may have one grandkid with us we are just finishing converting the jackknife sofa layout to a dinette layout. It will still sleep one when set up as bed (36 inches wide) and the dinette just makes for more livable space for our purposes.

As well as vacation travel we use our 13QBB as our "base camp" for hunting, fishing and cross-country ski trips. We have been happily surprised on the ground clearance. The sewer discharge piping is tucked up fairly high to the frame and we have yet to "drag" bottom or tear of the sewer pipes. We are usually on unmaintained grid roads in Iowa, Montana, and Saskatchewan. So not having any problem we have never bothered with an "off road" lift kit which is what I think you will need if you go to an off road tire.

When shopping for a used Camplite look at the cargo door hatches for "bubbling", Challenger Door - Livin Lite's door vendor had an issue with the aluminum skin on some of the doors corroding (yes aluminum will corrode if subject to exposure to the correct atmosphere and dissimilar metallic substances).   Any other questions that we may help you with just ask.


We did purchase the 13BHB, and we're already loving it. Thank you for the heads up on the cargo door issues. Doesn't seem to be one our problems. Our entry door has a slight rise to it below the window, but I think it's from rough handling. The side windows continue to be an issue, but we hope to have a solution soon. Once the acrylic is replaced on our broken window, we still need to find the cylinders for two others and then decide what to do about shades. The day/night shades aren't the strongest and a couple of them are ripped. I think we may end up going to a curtain of some sort. We're also buying new foam cushions as ours were pretty worn. All in all, we're still excited about finding this classic camper. We love the size, the weight, the aluminum construction, and the ease of pulling. (Hubs made a u-turn in the middle of the street in a residential neighborhood while pulling with our LJ Jeep! It was great!!!!)


I have a 2011 13' bhb, purchased new 6 years ago and it is still an enjoyment to go camping in with my dog. This summer I replaced the two 4"waste pipe outlets on the roof with the galvanize ones, they will not deteriorate like the plastic ones. Also replaced the two crank up roof vents and new tires. This is the most repairs that I have had to do. It's built to last.



Huge pictures like yours at 3.7 Mb don't display well. Edit them down to a max of 500 Kb.



I loved my 2013 QBB travel trailer (16 ft) until the axle came off - thankfully not on the highway.

Many of these trailers are DEFECTIVE - why Livin Lite went out of business and Good F'ing Riddance.

HAVE YOUR AXLES and FRAME checked by a qualified mechanic.

You could save you life as well as others.


And F'you Livin Lite for putting my life and others in danger.