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Can somebody tell me where my breakaway switch gets its power from?  I hook it up every time I tow but I never really gave much thought as to where it's powered from. If the trailer separates from the TV while towing, obviously the power can't come from the tow vehicle. So I guess its powered from the 12v battery in the battery box on the tounge, or does it have its own seperate battery? If so, where is it located and should I be maintaining it? My trailer is all covered up for the winter so I can't really check it till spring.

Older livinlite units Nov 2014 and earlier there was a separate small break-away battery mounted on the tongue. Sense then the small break-away battery was eliminated and it is powered from the 12V battery that is installed by the dealer.  If you have an older unit with one on the tongue  it should be checked/replaced annually and should float change the battery through the 7 pin connector.

My trailer was manufactured in March of 2015 and I don't remember seeing a seperate battery so I guess I'm all set. Thanks again for the info Dan

I have the 2014 and the small battery (or should I say had the small battery).

For some reason that small battery was wired in parallel, and thus, when I disconnected the house battery the small battery was still connected and using power to run all that other stuff (propane detector, clock in radio etc.) and thus was going very dead.

Have since removed it as it was not needed.

Gibby, did you check to see if your brakes still work when the breakaway switch is engaged after you removed the small battery?


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