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Started by jim, August 06, 2018, 05:46:46 PM

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Last fall I bought a 2016 Camplite 16TBS from American RV just before they went out of business. Although I paid for license and registration, American RV never sent a payment and information to CA DMV. I am still trying to get the trailer licensed. DMV requires a Certificate of Origin in order to process my registration application. I have contacted Paul Rose at Livin Lite many times without success. Is there another employee that I should be contacting? Customer service is really bad.


LivinLite does not exist anymore and I doubt the new folks at KZ (who took over LL) could help. Sounds like a dealer issue. If the AmericanRV you are referring to was the one in Grand Rapids then I suggest contacting Camping World who took them over.  They may have copies of the paperwork.

Good luck...
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The American RV that I purchased my trailer from had locations in Portland, OR and Azusa, CA. They appear to have not been bought out, just out of business. Does anyone know where their records are?


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