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* Obviously, the “entire” camper is not aluminum. The vast majority of the main construction components of this camper are made of aluminum and composites, which backs up our claim of being 98% recyclable. There are steps and stabilizer jacks made of steel; composite wall and ceiling boards; and plastics used in trim, tanks and bath areas.
All Aluminum. No rust. No rot.

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ULTRA-LIGHT WEIGHT DESIGN - no wood allowed!

Choose from either of our innovative designs - The Super Light Weight Quicksilver Soft Tent Truck Camper is the first of its kind in that it allows the driver to see out the rear window of the truck cab. Or the newest addition to Livinlite - The CAMPLITE hard sided cabover truck Camper.

The all-new CAMPLITE hard-sided, *All-Aluminum & Composite constructed truck campers from LIVIN LITE Recreational Vehicles. These ultra-lightweight truck campers are specially designed for today’s more fuel-efficient trucks and are built to stand the test of time. If you have a pick up truck and have been looking for an affordable truck camper that does not exceed your vehicles payload capacity – LIVIN LITE has a model for you! From the 5.7 model, designed for smaller trucks (i.e. S10; Ranger; Canyon; Colorado; Frontier) and weighs in at a feathery 950 lbs., to our largest model, the TC10, designed for 3/4 ton trucks, LIVIN LITE has a model and a price point that will fit your family’s budget.

Our 6.8 model was designed specifically for short bed, half-ton trucks. The 6.8 is a self-contained unit with all the amenities of a much larger truck camper while still fitting into a 6-foot, 6-inch bed with no overhang! This camper slides all the way into the truck bed, meaning that it can also be utilized on larger trucks. The 6.8 offers a North/South queen bed, full LP package, bathroom. and includes a unique exterior “Garage” area that can hold a small generator along with a number of other tools and items on the optional hanging rack system.

Our Newest edition to the Camplite truck camper line is the 8.6 model. This model was designed specifically for a standard 8' bed truck. Like the 6.8, it has been designed with minimal overhang and offers a North South queen bed, full LP package, wetbath and includes an exterior storage garage.

Each CAMPLITE hard-sided truck campers offer *All Aluminum and Composite construction from the aluminum floor to the framing to even the cabinets. The exterior is painted aluminum skin, and the walls and roof are vacuum-bond laminated for superior strength. Unlike others, the CAMPLITE truck camper will stand the test of time and be passed down from one generation to the next.

Standards in the 6.8, 8.5, 8.6 and 10.0 include LP appliances, furnace, water heater, 3-way refer, 2 burner range, exterior LP hookup and wetbath. 5.7 Standards include LP furnace, 3-way refer and exterior LP hookup. The beds are approx. 60 x 80 and the standard dinette table is removable and can be easily utilized outside the camper. Choose an optional low profile roof air conditioner to make your travels even more comfortable.

The CLTC10 is designed for full size trucks (250/2500 and larger) with long beds (8’ bed). Standards, include electric jacks, and a North/South bed, which is easier for couples to get in and out of during the night.
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