Bearcat 8.0 Off-road Automotive Tent Camper Overview

Bearcat 8.0 Off-road Automotive Camper

The BEARCAT 8.0 Off-road automotive tent camper offers 2 spacious beds; a roomy dinette that converts into a comfortable bed, a kitchen base with loads of storage; and a convenient  TV stand that can also house an optional 8000 BTU air conditioner. With a wide variety of models available, including travel trailers, and toy haulers, there’s an affordable BEARCAT offroad camper to meet every lifestyle and budget need! These ultra lightweight campers are designed for the rugged terrain that offroad adventurers crave, featuring *all-aluminum  and composite construction, including the interior cabinetry, increased ground clearance and all-terrain tires.

Overall Travel Length: 12'-0"  GVWR: 2200 lbs.
Overall Camping Length: 16'-2" Dry Weight *925 lbs
Travel Width: 7'-0"  Load Capacity: *1275 lbs. 
Camping Width: 7'-0" Hitch Weight: **115 lbs. 
Camping Height: 8'-5" Tire Size: 15"
Travel Height: 4'-3"
Sleep Capacity: 6
**The axle location on the camper is designed so that the typical hitch weight is approx. 10-15% of the camper’s dry weight. There will be variations in the hitch weights based on options and floorplans, but remember, you can always adjust your hitch weight by shifting your cargo load either behind or in front of the axle(s) in order to achieve the smoothest ride for your particular tow vehicle.
*Weights based upon standard equipment. Options will add weight
Be sure to check your tow vehicle manufacturer’s published tow ratings and not exceed those ratings. Failure to do so may void your warranty on your tow vehicle and cause unsafe towing conditions.
Bearcat 8.0 Off-road Automotive Camper Floorplan

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