Camplite 6.8 Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Truck Camper

Camplite 6.8 Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Truck Camper


The 6.8 is a self-contained unit with all the amenities of a much larger truck camper while still fitting into a 6-foot, 6-inch bed with no overhang! This camper slides all the way into the truck bed, meaning that it can also be utilized on larger trucks.

The 6.8 Camplite Truck Camper is designed for any ½ ton, and all ¾ ton trucks with 6’ to 6’-6” beds. Those trucks would be the Ford F150; Ford F250; Chevy 1500; Chevy 2500; Chevy Silverado; Toyota Tundra; Dodge Ram 1500; Dodge Ram 2500 ; Nissan Titan; and others.

Each CAMPLITE hard-sided truck camper offers *All Aluminum and Composite construction from the aluminum floor to the framing to even the cabinets. The exterior is painted aluminum skin, and the walls and roof are vacuum-bond laminated for superior strength. Unlike others, the CAMPLITE truck camper will stand the test of time and be passed down from one generation to the next.

* Obviously, the “entire” camper is not aluminum. The vast majority of the main construction components of this camper are made of aluminum and composites, which backs up our claim of being 98% recyclable. There are steps and stabilizer jacks made of steel; composite wall and ceiling boards; and plastics used in trim, tanks and bath areas.

Camplite TC6.8 Ultra Lightweight Aluminum Truck Camper
Int. Floor Length 6'-6" *** Dry Weight 1,780 lbs
Width Between Wheel Wells: 4'-0"" * Exterior Height (off truck): 8'-9"
Interior Height: 6'-8" *** Grey/Black Water: 32 gal.
Cabover Int. Height w/o Mattress: 3'-5" Fresh Water: 13 gal.
Exterior Width: 7'-6"  
Exterior Length: 14'-2" ** Center of Gravity 2'
* Height measured with optional low profile AC.
** COG measured from the front of the truck camper floor toward the tail gate.
*** 6.8 shares a common grey/black tank
*** the 6.8C utilizes the cassette toilet for black water 
If you have any questions about our truck campers, and how they may fit your truck..please call our factory representative Rick Barna at 727-501-2345
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6.8 Ulrta Lightweight Aluminum Truck Camper
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